Well, I figured the turn of 2012 was as good enough time as any to finally launch a blog/website/write stuff down thingy-ma-jig. Except I'm not a blogger, nor a writer, at best I'm a cynical ranter. There is nothing planned in what I say, its uncensored bile filled passion usually spewed up on a whim at a moments notice.

"It wont all be this depressing I dont think, well...not if you take it as tongue in cheek anyway."

I can write forever "in the moment" but If I plan to sit down and write i'll get distracted and bored. For a start of you've got to spell check and proof read, and often re-write what you've done…that takes monumental amounts of effort. It seems these sort of 'things' need more substance, a better structure, a beginning, end and a point to even bother moving my fingers to type them. Even now I'm not just writing this I'm planning it and I'm thinking, its one thing to try and write obnoxious Facebook status updates (even those that stray into 500+ words) its quite another to start putting words down in essay format like some kind of newspaper article, in fact its full on ego centric.

But if I don't do this what the fuck else do I do with my time? I have to do something to waste the minutes away until I end up in my eternal sleep state (that means dead), why not write long winded rants about the mundaity of life in the mean time? It wont all be this depressing I dont think, well, not if you take it as tongue in cheek anyway.

This website in general will be beyond confusing to those (most) who prefer things perfectly broken down into sub-categories of micro niche genres just so they can understand whats going on. Ideally I should just have a website for my music career and in fact I should 3-4 of them under different alias' for fear of confusing someone who just listened to a glitch techno remix and I did and then went on to hear some Nate James soul, it might melt their brains.

But I'm not going to do that, I'm sick of this world spoon feeding shit to people. I'm sick of people getting confused by the slightest change in life. So everything I do, all of me, no matter who I'm appealing to, be it friends, potential employers, possible old (or new?) fans will see the same stuff.

That stuff will be, drivel like this, split up into different pointless sections from irrelevant ramblings to comedy rumblings. My football opinion will at least be linked to on here and the vast football following that I've collected on Twitter (@liverpooldeep) will be able to find my football related moans in longer detail here - while that account is football related its still very "me", so if you like what I say there you should like what I say elsewhere on here too.

I'll stick a music section up, with old and new work on it. I'll have my past projects section, think of it as an online portfolio, showing all my attempted (and often failed) business ventures. Speaking of which I plan to put my CV/Resume on here too, I am after all a freelance worker. Design work will be up here from graphics to clothes, whatever I do next, it'll have its own section. Any new projects I do, that are completed, signed, achieved or failed will also be put up here - all uncensored. I might even throw a few serious observations of life on here too. Oh and I'm sure my Facebook and personal Twitter (@realdannys) will be linked somewhere.

And don't forget the uber-geek side, I'm would imagine Technology will have a big part to play, even if it means the site just does lots of clever singing and dancing shit in the background. I dont forsee my Apple bias and love of beautiful design will go a miss.

So thats the point of this virtually pointless site really. A huge outlet for my disturbed and troubled mind which has its odd flashes of brilliance in various tiny forms…hell I might even make things more confusing and get some friends to write stuff that has nothing to do with me as well, but that I agree with, on my website, who'd have thunk it. By the time I've finished with this place i'll be the only person who understands it (likes it, or reads it) which sort of defies the entire point in the first place, such is life.

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