A collection of written rants and articles from myself and selected friends.

Apocalypse Already

Bella Italia is to food, what Next is to clothes. Shops for people without souls. Shops for people who like Mondeos, Fleeces and Strictly Come Dancing. Shops for people who are stealing my oxygen. If anything could single-handedly sum up the mediocrity of a large proportion of British society it would be that handful of things above...

‘Ad Kids?

Babies, toddlers, children, they're lovely aren't they. Cute, funny, appealing. Well not to me. I hate them. I always have. So much so I didn't even like myself until I reached my late teens. So you can imagine my delight when around mid 2009 every London based TV advertising agency thought it product marketing...

Tune in, Call in, Vent Anger.

I've been listening to an unhealthy amount of radio phone ins. Against my will I might add, due to an undemocratic workplace policy of tuning into the same radio station every day. The playlist loops each day until I can hardly distinguish the music from the relentless hum of computer cooling fans and clicking hard drives.