The Sushi Bar

Chesters first and only sushi based restaurant.
Date 2008-2011

The Sushi Bar was a restaurant brand and concept designed and concieved by myself from scratch. The restaurant was run by myself and Carolyn Amos who took care of managing and running the entire unit. We opened in March 2009 in Chester City centre after a 3 month renovation project of a derelict unit. All branding, logos, artwork, interior and exterior concept, website, and marketing materials were completed by myself from A1 posters to our online club membership cards and our 36 page menu! Unfortunately due to the economic climate and differing factors in Chester the restaurant closed in Jan 2011. A lot of blood, sweat, tears and money were shed on the project but is looked back on as a very useful if not financially valuable time. I wouldn't recommend anybody opens a small sized restaurant. Dont worry about when your seats are empty, worry about when there are not enough seats to cope with the demand during peak hours. This was our main mistake, albeit a practically unchangeable one, even in hindsight. The restaurant to do this day (well over a year after closing) remains in the top 10 Chester restaurants on Urban Spoon, we had a very loyal following of customers and came close to franchising the concept due to the strong and powerful branding.

Staff recruitment and management, stock management, problem and emergency solving, renovation work, project management, design and marketing, stock price negotiation, outside catering, event organisation, and much much more!