The Danny .S. EP

Album tracks from 2004-2005
Date 2004-2005

In 2005 I started work on my own ill fated album project. Originally stated as an album project, time restraints and other work condemned it to be this EP. It saw lots of exposure on Myspace at the time gained over 1 million listens for all the tracks combined. It also received radio airplay in the UK from 1Xtra and features in a few magazines. While it never saw an official release its presented here, digitally remastered for 2012 in very high quality MP3 and two different lossless audio file formats for the audiophiles.


How Has It Come To This (Feat Sarah Carim)

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Knowledge Is Power (Feat Sarah Carim)

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Doin' What You Wanna Do (Feat Ben Mills)

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Movin' On (Feat Sarah Carim)

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