Internet Marketing

online affiliate marketing and revenue stream generation.
Date 2010-present

Since 2010 I've had quite considerable success in the sometimes considered slightly "seedy" online world of Internet Marketing. Often many "marketers" see it as a way to make money easily with little investment and with limited skills swamp the internet with spam and ugly looking websites. I instead took my design skills and business ideas, pairing them with up SEO and traffic generation methods.

It has seen me publish and maintain a number of websites from information, to shopping comparison to membership sites. One of my biggest successes was for an iPad 2 price comparison site which with the single click on an image presented you, listed by cheapest first the available iPad 2 model you were interested in on eBay. All the irrelevant results and junk from eBay automatically filtered out saving you both time and money. The website was a huge success being featured on BBC's online technology program Click. It generated over 1000 unique visitors a day at its peak bringing in excellent revenue streams from Ebay Partner Network, Adsense and CPA offers.

I have experience in building blog networks for various end methods, SEO, niche targeting, mailing lists, advanced marketing techniques, directories, membership sites and much much more.

Internet Marketing Skills.
Website Development, On and Off Page SEO, Content Generation, Graphic Design, Website Design, Advertising, Media Buying and Selling, Analytics, Maximising Monetization, Advanced WordPress, Affiliate Sales