a guide to this webspace.
I know, I know, this website is a complete mix pot of various themes, ideas, and influences. My original idea was to just "put it out there" but I've decided now I should explain some of the sections, what you'll find in them etc.


This is a collection of written articles, rants and opinions by both myself and to complicate matters further by like minded friends. Think of it as the opinion section of a thinking mans magazine, or a column in The Guardian newspaper - at least for my friends contributions anyway.

The section will continually be updated and will act as the shape of the website with regular features, contributions and special editions.


The music section is quite simply a collection of all my music releases and projects from the very first to the very latest. Each contains either a sample, full play, download or link to Spotify for the track in question along with a little of information.

Life Notes.

I liked the idea of Tumblr, but I didn't like the idea of promotion and maintaining yet another social media profile. Step up "Life Notes". The stuff I find in real life and on the internet that I find interesting, funny, informative, beautiful and whatever else

This will be regularly updated and usually posts will be tweeted so you can keep up to date with whats new there too.


The portfolio section contains information about various career skills/paths I've achieved or been involved with over the years. Its sort of a light hearted online CV

It'll be updated with new projects and work as and when I do them as its quite broad in its coverage at the minute but serves a purpose, in the future it'll be more specific to current and new projects.