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Apocalypse Already

Bella Italia is to food, what Next is to clothes. Shops for people without souls. Shops for people who like Mondeos, Fleeces and Strictly Come Dancing. Shops for people who are stealing my oxygen. If anything could single-handedly sum up the mediocrity of a large proportion of British society it would be that handful of things above...

Oh look, it’s Bob Marley reincarnated as “Snoop Lion”WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Its just NOT THAT HARD!!

I cant be 100% certain but I’m pretty sure a bloke came up with this idea…

Have you ever wondered what a cat would look like sticking its head through one of them seaside cut out head things?

Not sure if this is really cute or borderline child abuse?

Cat top box…

Yesss, illy lineup. Next step, espresso installation for the real deal.

This is what happens when you leave a 4min pizza in for 40mins. It was stonebaked it’s now baked like a stone.